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National Environmental Meteorological Services in China


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National Environmental Meteorological Services in China

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The environmental meteorological services in China are concerned with atmospheric environmental quality, which is directly related to human activities and affects human health. In recent years, air pollution and other environmental problems have attracted nationwide attention in China, so the environmental meteorological services have been developed rapidly. To provide better meteorological monitoring and forecasting services, the Environmental Meteorological Centre of China Meteorological Administration was established in March 2014 by integrating the resources of various national service units. We review the development of China’s national environmental meteorological services and highlight their current status including major technological capabilities. We also explore future trends of the national environmental meteorological services by analysing deficiencies, gaps in supply and demand, and capabilities of the current environmental meteorological services.

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Zhiming Kang
Hailin Gui
Cong Hua
Bihui Zhang
Hengde Zhang
Mengyao Lv
Jikang Wang

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Meteorology. Climatology

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Hindawi Limited

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Advances in Meteorology, Vol 2016 (2016)

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Journal Licence: CC BY