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Asteroid Ryugu before the Hayabusa2 encounter


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Asteroid Ryugu before the Hayabusa2 encounter

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Abstract Asteroid (162173) Ryugu is the target object of Hayabusa2, an asteroid exploration and sample return mission led by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Ground-based observations indicate that Ryugu is a C-type near-Earth asteroid with a diameter of less than 1 km, but the knowledge of its detailed properties is very limited prior to Hayabusa2 observation. This paper summarizes our best understanding of the physical and dynamical properties of Ryugu based on ground-based remote sensing and theoretical modeling before the Hayabusa2’s arrival at the asteroid. This information is used to construct a design reference model of the asteroid that is used for the formulation of mission operation plans in advance of asteroid arrival. Particular attention is given to the surface properties of Ryugu that are relevant to sample acquisition. This reference model helps readers to appropriately interpret the data that will be directly obtained by Hayabusa2 and promotes scientific studies not only for Ryugu itself and other small bodies but also for the solar system evolution that small bodies shed light on.

Creator (Dublin Core)

Koji Wada
Matthias Grott
Patrick Michel
Kevin J. Walsh
Antonella M. Barucci
Jens Biele
Jürgen Blum
Carolyn M. Ernst
Jan Thimo Grundmann
Bastian Gundlach
Axel Hagermann
Maximilian Hamm
Martin Jutzi
Myung-Jin Kim
Ekkehard Kührt
Lucille Le Corre
Guy Libourel
Roy Lichtenheldt
Alessandro Maturilli
Scott R. Messenger
Tatsuhiro Michikami
Hideaki Miyamoto
Stefano Mottola
Thomas Müller
Akiko M. Nakamura
Larry R. Nittler
Kazunori Ogawa
Tatsuaki Okada
Ernesto Palomba
Naoya Sakatani
Stefan E. Schröder
Hiroki Senshu
Driss Takir
Michael E. Zolensky
International Regolith Science Group (IRSG) in Hayabusa2 project

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Physical properties
Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

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Progress in Earth and Planetary Science, Vol 5, Iss 1, Pp 1-30 (2018)

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Journal Licence: CC BY