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Impacts of Future Urban Expansion on Regional Climate in the Northeast Megalopolis, USA


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Impacts of Future Urban Expansion on Regional Climate in the Northeast Megalopolis, USA

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In this paper, evidences for influences of future urban expansion on regional climate in the Northeast megalopolis, USA, are presented. The model-based analysis shows that future urban expansion will significantly result in regional climate change. An average annual temperature increase ranging from 2°C to 5°C in new urban area and an average annual temperature decrease ranging from 0.40°C to 1.20°C in the south of the megalopolis will be caused by future urban expansion. The average annual precipitation of the simulation area will decrease due to future urban expansion by 5.75 mm, 7.10 mm, and 8.35 mm in the periods of 2010–2020, 2040–2050, and 2090–2100, respectively. The warming effect of future urban expansion in original and new urban area and drought effects in nonurban area will be more serious in summer than in winter. A cooling effect will turn up in original urban area in winter. This research further shows that a study at the scale of megalopolis helps to understand the integrated effect of combination and interaction of multiple cities and their surrounding areas which may crucially determine regional climate pattern and should be highly valued in the future.

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Yingzhi Lin
Anping Liu
Enjun Ma
Xing Li
Qingling Shi

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Meteorology. Climatology

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Hindawi Limited

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Advances in Meteorology, Vol 2013 (2013)

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