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Study on Clean Development Mechanism, Quantitative and Sustainable Mechanism


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Study on Clean Development Mechanism, Quantitative and Sustainable Mechanism

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Aiming at the system and market problem of clean development mechanism (CDM), this study is carried out to establish the feasibility of certified emission reduction (CER) quantitative evaluation method and reserve mechanism in host country at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) level. After the introduction of CER quantitative and sustainable mechanism, the amount of CER that can enter the market was cut to a quarter, which reduces about 75% of the expected CER supply. Market CER from the technology types of higher CER market share and lower support for sustainable development appears to have different degrees of reduction. As for the technology types of lower CER market share and higher support for sustainable development, the amount of market CER is maintained in line with prevailing scenario, and market CER supply becomes more balanced.

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Donghai Yuan
Lipeng Zheng
Yuan Cao
Xufeng Mao
Xueju Huang
Liansheng He
Junqi Li
Mingshun Zhang

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Meteorology. Climatology

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Hindawi Limited

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Advances in Meteorology, Vol 2015 (2015)

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Journal Licence: CC BY