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Auroral meridian scanning photometer calibration using Jupiter


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Auroral meridian scanning photometer calibration using Jupiter

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Observations of astronomical sources provide information that can
significantly enhance the utility of auroral data for scientific studies.
This report presents results obtained by using Jupiter for field
cross calibration of four multispectral auroral meridian scanning photometers
during the 2011–2015 Northern Hemisphere winters. Seasonal average optical
field-of-view and local orientation estimates are obtained with uncertainties
of 0.01 and 0.1°, respectively. Estimates of absolute sensitivity are
repeatable to roughly 5 % from one month to the next, while the relative
response between different wavelength channels is stable to better than
1 %. Astronomical field calibrations and darkroom calibration differences
are on the order of 10 %. Atmospheric variability is the primary source of
uncertainty; this may be reduced with complementary data from co-located

Creator (Dublin Core)

B. J. Jackel
C. Unick
F. Creutzberg
G. Baker
E. Davis
E. F. Donovan
M. Connors
C. Wilson
J. Little
M. Greffen
N. McGuffin

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Geophysics. Cosmic physics

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Copernicus Publications

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Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems, Vol 5, Iss 2, Pp 493-512 (2016)

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Journal Licence: CC BY