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Stratigraphy of Paleogene Strata within the Mesihovina - Rakitno Area (Western Herzegovina)


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Stratigraphy of Paleogene Strata within the Mesihovina - Rakitno Area (Western Herzegovina)

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<div>The paper presents the stratigraphy of Paleogene strata from</div><div>the central part of carbonate Dinarides. The carbonate and the clastic</div><div>rock units were stu died. Their contact with underlying Senonian limes tone</div><div>is marked by unconformity as a result of Laramian tectonic phase.</div><div>The unconformity is denoted by the abundance of bauxite deposits.</div><div>The abundance of calcareous nanoplancton species as well as</div><div>ben tic foraminifera points at the sedimentation of Paleogene strata</div><div>during the Eocene period. The succession of sediments with easily</div><div>recognizeable transgressive, inundation and regres sive features has</div><div>been established.</div><div>Lithostratigraphical characteristics enabled the distinguishing of</div><div>larger lithofacies groups. The simultaneousness of carbonate rocks</div><div>with lower part of clastic succession as well as the transitionallitho&middot;</div><div>facies have been approved. The simultaneous overburden of bauxite</div><div>deposits regardless of its lithology (carbonate of clastic) speaks in</div><div>favour of the unite bauxitebearing phase.</div>

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Ivan Dragičević
Ivan Blašković
Josip Tišljar
Josip Benić

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stratigraphy of Paleogene strata
carbonate sediments
Promina formation clastics
Laramian orogenetic phase
Carbonate Dinarides

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Croatian Geological Survey

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Geologia Croatica, Vol 45, Iss 0, Pp 25-52 (2010)

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Journal Licence: CC BY