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Automatic Analysis of Trough Lines Based on Curvature Tracing


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Automatic Analysis of Trough Lines Based on Curvature Tracing

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To solve the problems that arise in traditional automatic methods for trough line analysis with regard to low processing efficiency and analytical accuracy, an automatic method for trough line analysis was proposed in this study, comprising the following steps. Firstly, the curvature of contour lines was calculated using geopotential height field data to extract tracing start points, and candidate and non-candidate trough points were classified and recognized based on their curvature and relative positions. Afterwards, among the candidates, the eligible trough points were connected from tracing start point. Finally, the automatically analyzed trough lines were obtained after some post-processing steps. The experimental results indicate that the method is able to effectively identify meteorological trough lines, and that its performance is superior to some previous analysis methods of trough line in terms of analytical accuracy and processing speed.

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Qian Li
Yan Huang
Yin Fan
Shaoen Tang
Yuntao Hu

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trough lines
automatic analysis
geopotential height field
curvature tracing
Meteorology. Climatology

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Atmosphere, Vol 9, Iss 3, p 88 (2018)

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Journal Licence: CC BY