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Iberopora bodeuri GRANIER & BERTHOU 2002 (incertae sedis) from the Plassen Formation (Kimmeridgian–Berriasian) of the Tethyan Realm


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Iberopora bodeuri GRANIER & BERTHOU 2002 (incertae sedis) from the Plassen Formation (Kimmeridgian–Berriasian) of the Tethyan Realm

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<div>Iberopora bodeuri GRANIER &amp; BERTHOU 2002, formerly known</div><div>as &ldquo;crust problematicum&rdquo; (SCHMID, 1996) is described from the</div><div>Plassen Formation (Kimmeridgian&ndash;Berriasian) of the Northern</div><div>Calcareous Alps (NCA). Here, it occurs either as an incrustation on</div><div>corals/stromatoporoids or it forms nodular masses (&ldquo;solenoporoid</div><div>morphotype&rdquo;). It is typically found in the fore-reef facies of the</div><div>platform margin, and (upper) slope deposits where autochthonous</div><div>dasycladales are absent. Water turbulence appears to control the</div><div>morphological development of Iberopora. Thus, flat crusts appear in</div><div>less agitated settings. The crusts are almost always accompanied by</div><div>calcareous sponges/sclerosponges and abundant micro-encrusters,</div><div>mostly Koskinobullina socialis CHERCHI &amp; SCHROEDER and</div><div>&ldquo;Tubiphytes&rdquo; morronensis CRESCENTI. The stratigraphic range</div><div>of Iberopora known to date is Oxfordian&ndash;Berriasian. In addition</div><div>to the Northern Calcareous Alps, it has been reported from the</div><div>epicontinental area of NW-Germany, the northern margin of the</div><div>Penninic and Tethyan ocean (Slovakia, Switzerland, Spain, Poland,</div><div>Portugal) and the southern Tethyan domain (Greece, Romania,</div><div>Yugoslavia). Until other morphological elements (e.g. reproductive</div><div>organs or protoconch) are found, its systematic position remains</div><div>uncertain. Currently, it is considered questionably to be an ancestral</div><div>rhodophyceae or acervulinid-like foraminifera.</div>

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Felix Schlagintweit

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Incertae sedis
Upper Jurassic
Lower Cretaceous
Plassen Formation
Northern Calcareous Alps

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Croatian Geological Survey

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Geologia Croatica, Vol 57, Iss 1, Pp 1-13 (2004)

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Journal Licence: CC BY