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Tectonic Interrelation of the Dinarides and the Southern Alps


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eng Tectonic Interrelation of the Dinarides and the Southern Alps

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eng The study focuses on northwestern Croatia which, including the Zumberak (Zumberacka Gora), Medvednica (Zagrebacka Gora), Kalnik, Ivanscica, and Ravna Gora mountains, make a cross area of the Slovenian “Sava Folds”, Southern Alps, Mid-Transdanubian Zone, Tisia, and the Inner Dinarides. This is a complex structural region and cannot be attributed merely to one of the units. Therefore, a geotectonic interpretation is proposed which respects the diversification and multiple superposition of basinal and platform elements. This concept allows linkage of the Slovenian Trough with the Bosnian Zone and its southeastern prolongation as a major coherent tectonic unit overlain by different nappe elements. The possible linkage with the Budva Zone beneath the carbonate nappe is also discussed.

Creator (Dublin Core)

Herak, M.

Subject (Dublin Core)

eng Alps; Dinarides; Tisia; Slovenian Trough; Sava Nappe; Pannonian Nappe; Mid-Transdanubian Zone; Bosnian Zone; Tectogenesis and geotectonic classification

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Croatian Geological Survey

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Geologia Croatica
ISSN 1330-030X (Print)
ISSN 1333-4875 (Online)
Volume 52
Issue 1

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