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A Middle Jurassic Radiolarite-Clastic Succession from the Medvednica Mt. (NW Croatia


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eng A Middle Jurassic Radiolarite-Clastic Succession from the Medvednica Mt. (NW Croatia

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eng On the NW part of Medvednica Mt. radiolarites with carbonate olistoliths, shales and siltites, matrix-supported conglomerates and basic volcanic rocks were investigated. This facies association is informally named the Poljanica unit. Major element geochemical data indicate deposition of radiolarites in the vicinity of the middle oceanic ridge, while sedimentological data indicate deposition in an area closer to the continent. Shales and siltites, as well as matrix-supported conglomerates, were deposited in short periods characterised by increased input of terrigenous material. Matrix-supported polymict conglomerates are composed of silicified shales, lithic graywackes, cherts and metabasalts, and were deposited by debris flow mechanisms as a consequence of synsedimentary tectonic activity. Carbonate olistoliths are composed of biomicrosparite, and jointly with deformed radiolarian cherts compose an olistostrome. Basic volcanic rocks represent high-Ti tholeiitic basalts formed in the MORB realm.

Micropalaeontological investigation of radiolarite samples proved the Middle Jurassic (latest Bajocian - early Bathonian to late Bathonian - early Callovian) age of the Poljanica unit. Additionally, a new radiolarian species Theocapsomma medvednicensis n.sp. has been described. Conodont analyses from carbonate olistoliths in radiolarites proved their Triassic age.

The investigated radiolarite-clastic succession is the result of subduction processes. Further continuation of this process caused incorporation of these deposits into the accretionary prism, where they were brought in direct contact with Triassic volcanic rocks and radiolarites (in the form of a tectonic mélange).

Based on the lithological similarities with the Middle Jurassic turbidite-olistostrome successions in the Western Carpathians and Northern Calcareous Alps, the study area is considered to be part of the Meliata-Hallstatt Ocean.

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Halamić, J.
Goričan, Š.
Slovenec, D.
Kolar-Jurkovšek, T.

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eng Radiolarite-clastic succession; Middle Jurassic; Radiolarians; Conodonts; Triassic olistoliths; Geochemistry; Subduction; Accretionary complex; Medvednica Mt.; Croatia

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Croatian Geological Survey

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Geologia Croatica
ISSN 1330-030X (Print)
ISSN 1333-4875 (Online)
Volume 52
Issue 1

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