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he auroral events observed from Croatia and a part of surrounding countries


Title (Dublin Core)

eng he auroral events observed from Croatia and a part of surrounding countries
hrv Polarna svjetlost viđena iz Hrvatske i dijela susjednih zemalja

Description (Dublin Core)

eng Descriptions of 37 auroral (or polar light) events were analyzed that were published mostly since the middle of the 18th century up to present days and observed within latitudes from 42° to 45.5°N and longitudes 13° to 19°E (mainly on the territory of Republic of Croatia). The list of auroral events includes date, place and source of information and, for the most cases, visually observed parameters such as: color, shape, distribution on the sky and time duration of the phenomenon. Basic statistical results allowed the conclusions about the most frequent occurrence of a particular parameter. The auroral events correlate highly with the solar activity and in mentioned latitudes they correlate also with the secular period of sunspots.
hrv Analizirani su zapisi o 37 pojava polarne svjetlosti, viđene od sredine 18. stoljeća do danas, nad područjem od 42 do 45,5 °N širine i od 13 do 19 °E dužine (pretežno područje današnje Republike Hrvatske). Izrađen je popis svih pojava u obliku povijesnog kalendara polarne svjetlosti, koji sadrži datum i mjesto viđenja, izvor informacije
te opis opaženih parametara kao što su boja, oblik, raspodjela na nebu i trajanje pojave, gdje je to bilo moguće odrediti. Kalendar pojava je omogućio zaključke o najčešćim i bitnim značajkama polarne svjetlosti viđene iz naših krajeva. Pokazalo se da je čestina pojave povezana sa Sunčevom aktivnošću.

Creator (Dublin Core)

Lisac, Inga
Marki, Antun

Subject (Dublin Core)

eng Aurora; auroral calendar; aurora and sunspots; polar light events
hrv polarna svjetlost; kalendar polarne svjetlosti; polarna svjetlost i sunčeve pjege

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Andrija Mohorovicic Geophysical Institute

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ISSN 0352-3659 (Print)
ISSN 1846-6346 (Online)
Volume 15
Issue 1

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