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Source parameters of mine tremors in the eastern part of the Ruhr district (West Germany)


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en-US Source parameters of mine tremors in the eastern part of the Ruhr district (West Germany)

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en-US About 190 mine tremors were recorded during a 120 day period in the eastern part of the Ruhr district (West Germany). Source parameters of 37 tremors (1.3 ≤ ML ≤ 2.3) are calculated. Hypocentral distance was about 2 km. A combined plot of first P-wave motions in an equal area projection of a focal sphere possibly suggests a dip slip mechanism. Displacement P-wave spectra of 13 events show a clear low frequency level and a high frequency asymptotic behaviour as f –3, where f is the frequency. Seismic moment varies from 2.3 x 1018 dyn cm to 2.3 x 1019 dyn cm. Corner frequencies are in the range of 12–16 Hz. Interpretation of spectra with Brune's (1970) model extended by Hanks and Wyss (1972) leads to source dimensions between 87 m and 120 m. Stress drops vary from 0.9 bars to 8.4 bars. Average dislocations range from 0.6 mm to 19 mm. Stress drop, dislocation, and seismic moment have a clear dependence on radiated seismic energy. Seismic energy of the mine tremors is between 1.4 x 1013 ergs and 2.2 x 1015 ergs. The energy magnitude relation log E = 11.8 + 1.5 M given by Gutenberg and Richter is in good agreement with the data.  Source dimensions are in the same range as those found for mine tremors in Utah, South Africa, and Poland.

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Hinzen, K.-G.

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en-US Mining induced seismicity
en-US Mine tremors
en-US Source dimensions
en-US Stress drop
en-US Seismology

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en-US Journal of Geophysics

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en-US Peer-reviewed Article

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en-US Journal of Geophysics; Vol 51 No 1 (1982): Journal of Geophysics; 105-112

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