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Heat flow measurements in Northern Italy and heat flow maps of Europe


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en-US Heat flow measurements in Northern Italy and heat flow maps of Europe

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en-US 26 heat flow values were determined in the northern Italian lakes. The mean is calculated to be 1.59 μcal cm-2s-1 and after subtraction of the effect of uplift and denudation of the Alps 1.07 μcal cm-2s-1. With regard to the results of Austria and Hungary a rise in the mean values is observed from west to east. Heat flow maps have been constructed performing a trend analysis of all available European heat flow values. The Rhinegraben and lvrea anomaly having a "local" character are not recognizable on the maps. Simple transient models for the Ivrea anomaly and the two Mediterranean anomalies have been calculated to explain the present surface flow distribution. The existence of a low velocity layer in the crust west of the Ivrea body is not in disagreement with the measured heat flow values. This does not hold for the lvrea region itself if correction of the heat flow values for uplift and denudation is being made. However, it is perceivable that a heat wave caused by the possibly anomalous hot low velocity layer has not yet reached the Earth surface or can not be detected due to the inaccuracy of the measurements.

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Haenel, R.

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en-US Geothermics
en-US Heat Flow
en-US Trend Analysis of Heat Flow Values
en-US Geodynamics

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en-US Journal of Geophysics

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en-US Peer-reviewed Article

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en-US Journal of Geophysics; Vol 40 No 1 (1974): Journal of Geophysics; 367-380

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