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Complete seismogram synthesis for transversely isotropic media


Title (Dublin Core)

en-US Complete seismogram synthesis for transversely isotropic media

Description (Dublin Core)

en-US The response at the surface of a layered transversely isotropic medium due to a buried dislocation source can be expressed by using propagator matrices and discrete wavenumber summation. These operations produce complete seismograms for earthquake or explosion sources which include all body- and surface-vave phases for this specialized anisotropic structure. In order to test the numerical procedures, synthetic seismograms at near distances for an isotropic model are compared with those generated by other methods. The agreement is found to be satisfactory in all cases. Comparisons of synthetic seismograms for anisotropic models having a small degree of anisotropy with similar but isotropic models, show that significant differences in travel times, amplitudes and wave forms can be caused by the anisotropy.

Creator (Dublin Core)

Mandal, B.
Mitchell, B.J.

Subject (Dublin Core)

en-US Anisotropy
en-US Transverse isotropy
en-US Propagator matrices
en-US Wavenumber summation
en-US Synthetic seismogram
en-US Seismology

Publisher (Dublin Core)

en-US Journal of Geophysics

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en-US Peer-reviewed Article

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en-US Journal of Geophysics; Vol 59 No 1 (1986): Journal of Geophysics; 149-156

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