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Magnetometer array observations of a giant pulsation event


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en-US Magnetometer array observations of a giant pulsation event

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en-US On 19 November 1976 a rather well developed giant pulsation event occurred at about 0600 MLT over northern Scandinavia. Results of observations obtained with a dense network of magnetometer stations are reported. The method of analysis is based on the concept of the analytical signal. The disturbance region was strongly localised. The amplitudes of the horizontal components show a pronounced difference: the amplitude maximum of the N-S component is clearly moving to the west while that of the E-W component is nearly fixed relative to the array. The frequency of the event decreased with time. Both the frequency decrease and the drift of the amplitude maximum are interpreted in terms of bounce - resonance instability. The spatial polarisation pattern found is in agreement with the fieldline-resonance theory in that the sense of rotation of the horizontal disturbance vector is as predicted by the theory. At the region of maximum amplitudes the pulsation is linearly polarised in E-W direction, as observed by other workers. This does not agree with the fieldline-resonance model. Apparent azimuthal wave numbers of the horizontal components show that the event analysed is a westward-travelling wave. The wave numbers are as large as predicted by Olson and Rostoker's (1978) empirically derived relation between the E-W wave number and the frequency of pc 4-5 pulsations.

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Glasmeier, K.-H.

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en-US Giant pulsation
en-US pc 4 and 5 Pulsations
en-US Bounce resonance instability
en-US Fieldline-resonance model
en-US Apparent EW wave numbers
en-US Analytical signal
en-US Data

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en-US Journal of Geophysics

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en-US Peer-reviewed Article

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en-US Journal of Geophysics; Vol 48 No 1 (1980): Journal of Geophysics; 127-138

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