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Electromagnetic sounding experiments in the Schwarzwald central gneiss massif


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en-US Electromagnetic sounding experiments in the Schwarzwald central gneiss massif

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en-US Geomagnetic and telluric pulsations were observed at nine stations, partially at the same time, and at two sites with additional recordings of variations. They occupied a 20 x 30 km2 area of high-grade metamorphism. There is a nearly perfect spatial uniformity of the magnetic variation field except for a small local anomaly attributable to the Rheingraben. The telluric field is highly polarized in a N47 ± 7W direction but with local differences in amplitude. In contrast, telluric phases are spatially uniform and, as a function of period, distinctly different for the N47W orientation of the telluric field (= "B-polarisation") and the N43E orientation (= "E-polarisation"). Telluric and magnetic observations are not explainable by one-dimensional (1-D) models for the Schwarzwald alone. Therefore a 2-D model is derived, comprising Schwarzwald and Rheingraben, which can account for the graben Z anomaly and the phase curves in both polarisations. An unscaled 1-D model is obtained from the telluric phases in E-polarisation and then a 2-D model for Schwarzwald and Rheingraben in E- and B-polarisation. This latter model allows the scaling of the 1-D Schwarzwald model and shows a thin conductive layer under the gneiss massif at a depth of 12 km with a conductance of 650 S.

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Tezkan, B.

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en-US Geomagnetic and telluric time variations
en-US Magnetotellurics
en-US Geomagnetic deep sounding
en-US Electric conductivity structure
en-US Rheingraben
en-US Schwarzwald
en-US Experiment

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en-US Journal of Geophysics

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en-US Peer-reviewed Article

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en-US Journal of Geophysics; Vol 62 No 1 (1988): Journal of Geophysics; 109-118

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