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Meteorological Office Archive


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Meteorological Office Archive

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The National Meteorological Archive is the official UK Place of Deposit for meteorological records. It is one of the many services provided by the Met Office. Records for England and Wales are held in our Exeter based repository; records for Scotland are stored in Edinburgh; and records for Northern Ireland are kept in Belfast. We also have records for overseas stations and hold the historic collections of the Royal Meteorological Society. The National Meteorological Archive is therefore home to one of the most comprehensive collections on meteorology anywhere in the world and provides a major resource for scientific and historical research of international scope. Our aim is to support the Met Office and the wider scientific community by providing a targeted, proactive and flexible information service; our primary role is to preserve the public memory of the weather and to conserve the records in our care.
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As a result of a meeting of the Meteorological Committee on 29 April 1914, the Met Office first officially accepted responsibility for custodianship of appropriate public weather records.Between the end of the First World War and the 1950s the Met Office experienced considerable expansion.The various records it produced were stored in a haphazard manner at various locations in London, Dunstable and Harrow, with different divisions within the Office having responsibilityfor different records. However, in 1955 the then Director General, Sir Graham Sutton, stated that Bracknell, with a population of no more than 25,000 people, would be an ideal location for the new centralised headquarters, and it was hoped that the Archive would also be brought under centralised control in one fixed location thereby making it easier for our customers. The 1958 Public Record Act made the Lord Chancellor responsible for the selection and preservation of important records and in a letter dated 3 May 1962 he stated his willingness for the Met Office at Bracknell to be designated as the official national Place of Deposit for meteorological records. In 1989, the decision was taken to relocate the Archive to a new site at the Stirling Centre in Bracknell and accordingly the National Meteorological Archive moved to its new home in October 1991. Further, with the historic relocation of the Met Office to Exeter in 2003, the National Meteorological Archive followed some 18 months later and opened to the public at Great Moor House in March 2005.

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Meteorological Office

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National Meteorological Archive

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Environment Agency
Royal Meteorological Society

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Mid-Nineteenth century - 2010

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Around 500,000 meteorological records stored across four large, environmentally controlled strongrooms

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ead-gb261-national meteorological archive#0000000
identifier: gb261-national meteorological archive
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unit id: National Meteorological Archive

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