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Records of the Geological Society of London


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Records of the Geological Society of London

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Records of the Geological Society of London, 1807-current, notably comprising: Minutes and papers of Annual General Meetings, 1840-current; minutes, correspondence and papers relating to meetings of the Council, 1810-current; minutes and papers of Ordinary Meetings, 1807-1998; minutes and papers of Special General Meetings; 1834-2001; Minutes and papers of Standing and Ad Hoc committees of Council, [1810]-current; Charter and Bye-laws, 1810-1993; Correspondence and other administrative papers relating to the running of the Geological Society, including: Presidents' Papers, 1977-1997; Elected Officers' papers, 1956-1995; Executive Secretary's papers, 1950-2013; Financial records, including bequests, trust funds, 1820-2011; Letterbooks of the Assistant Secretary and other Officers, [1807]-1960; Administrative records of departments, including: Membership, 1807-current; Conferences and scientific meetings, 1932-2006; Library, 1835-current; Archives and conservation, 1971-2004; Education Department, 1993-1998; Society's Museum, 1808-1911; Publications, 1906-2009; Portraits and photographs of Fellows, 1792-2011; Images of the interior and exterior of Burlington House, 1873-[1995]; Plans of the Society's apartments at Somerset House and Burlington House, 1828-[1982]; Obituaries & biographical information on Fellows, [1895]-current; Records of the Society's Centenary celebrations, 1907-1908; and Bicentenary celebrations, 1994-1998; Records of the Geological Society Club, 1824-2006; Records of the Society's Specialist Groups and Joint Associations, 1964-current.
Some files may contain information which is restricted under the Data Protection Act or for business purposes. Please contact the Archivist in the first instance.
Legacy archive arrangement has been retained except where items could be more logically placed.

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Geological Society of London

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Scientific organizations

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Geological Society of London

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Geological Society

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For material on the formation of a professional geological body of the UK, see records of the Institution of Geologists, 1973-1991 (ref: IG).