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Papers and correspondence of Janet Vida Watson


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Papers and correspondence of Janet Vida Watson

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The papers are principally biographical and research material. There are records of her career and honours, obituaries and letters of condolence (sent to John Sutton on her death), her own autobiographical notes, poems and short stories from the 1940s, and photographs including some from visits to East Germany in connection with the International Geological Correlation Programme. There is a sequence of thirty-six notebooks covering Watson's research, chiefly in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, from undergraduate research in 1946 to late work in Orkney during the early 1980s. Additionally a few notebooks record some of Watson's overseas visits. There are drafts and miscellaneous material relating to work in Scotland in the 1970s and a memoir on the geology of the Outer Hebrides compiled in collaboration with the Institute of Geological Sciences. Research is also represented by annotated maps.
The Archives Collection is open to bona fide researchers by appointment with the Archivist.
By section as follows: Biographical, Notebooks, Research and publications, Maps. Index of correspondents.
Received for cataloguing in March 1993 by the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists from Mrs Betty Sutton, the widow and second wife of Professor John Sutton. Janet Watson was Sutton's first wife. Deposited in the Library of the Geological Society in 1994.

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Janet Vida Watson, 1923-1985

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Women scientists

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Geological Society of London

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Watson Janet Vida 1923-1985 geologist

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